SPOT GOLF Attends TaylorMade Thought Leader Conference Carlsbad CA

November 18, 2014/POSTED BY Ben Kampa/0 Comments

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Spot Golf attended TaylorMade’s Thought Leader Conference in Carlsbad, California. TaylorMade gathered leaders from far and wide and diverse industries outside golf to brainstorm how to increase the appeal and participation in golf.  One of the most notable ideas and presentations given at the conference was by TaylorMade’s own chief executive, Mark King, announcing the effort to further the growth of Hack Golf.

Hack Golf has a simple design to make golf easier by expanding the traditional size of a golf hole from roughly 4.5 inches to 15 inches in diameter.  Why such a drastic increase in size?  Many say putting is one of the hardest aspects of the game, and increasing the size of the hole will decrease the level of frustration in the game, increase the game’s speed and amount of fun.

Mark King explained in his presentation that he thinks the whole experience of golf needs to be changed, he felt the game isn’t inviting, it is no longer fun for the occasional golfer, and that the game of golf doesn’t care enough about the golfers on the “fringe.”  King described golfers on the “fringe” as those who play the game occasionally at most, not the individuals who love the game for its traditions.  King believes that pushing forward with Hack Golf could potentially reinvigorate the sport.

“If we want to enlarge the game, we have to dramatically raise the ratio of fun to frustration. ” – Gary Hamel







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