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On Friday, August 22nd Spot Golf demonstrated Henri Johnson’s Flightscope – X2 technology to Billy Casper Groups – Joe Goodrich. We demonstrated the process of setting up the technology, setting up different styles of games, how to create multiple targets, logging in multiple players, even down to how many shots per target. All through the simple use of FlightScopes “x2-skills” cell phone app – available for both android and iPhone.


SETUP TIME – From unpacking, powering up, linking wirelessly, and starting the Beta with three targets took about thirty minutes. 


GAME 1 – SPOT GOLF with three (3) actual flags and three (3) virtual targets in near to far Sequence – two players – both five shots per player and one shot per player modes

GAME 2 – SPOT GOLF with three (3) actual flag and three (3) virtual targets in random Sequence – two players – five shots per player and one shot per player modes

GAME 3 – SPOT GOLF LONGEST DRIVE with one (1) actual flag and one (1) virtual target – two players – five shots per player and one shot per player modes

TARGETS – We used three (3) actual driving range flag targets in place at 1757 Driving Range that we targeted in with a new Bushnell Rangefinder.  Then we set the virtual target on the screen with a few touch screen taps.  Lateral offset was estimated and calibrated visually comparing actual shots.  TWO (2) VIRTUAL RING TARGETS 90 feet wide, FOUR (4) rings around the close yellow FLAG offset to the left, and the blue middle flag offset to the right, and   ONE (1) longest drive VIRTUAL ARC TARGET 90 feet wide with FIVE (5) arcs set at the far black flag.    SEQUENCE or RANDOM Settings – The targets were played in sequence from near to far.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS One (1) and TWO (2) Spot Golfers with up to FOUR (4). 

SHOTS PER PLAYER We set ONE (1) shot per player and FIVE (5) shots per player modes, and both were demonstrated with a few taps on the touch screen.


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